The Petro Chemical Solutions company (PCS) is a manufacturer of a vast variety of industrial valves and pump units, which are produced under the Petrosol brand. The Petrosol equipment is used in many facilities of all major industries, including petroleum production and processing, chemical industry, ore mining and processing, as well as various pipeline systems. The Petrochemical Solutions’ products meet international quality and safety standards. The equipment is designed and manufactured to comply with API, ISO, DIN, ANSI and other standards, has GOST R certificates and application permits in the Russian Federation and in the Ukraine, as well as approvals from Promatomnadzor (industrial and nuclear) authority of the Republic of Belarus. The Petrosol pump range includes overhung, between-bearing, multistage and submersible pumps. The Petrochemical Solutions pumps are designed with advanced practices and modern manufacturing technologies, which ensure high pump performance and efficiency, low noise and light weight. The Petrosol pipeline valves meet all modern quality, reliability and safety requirements. The valve range includes gate, ball, plug, butterfly and check valves, as well as special purpose valves. A broad range of materials is used to manufacture all Petrochemical Solutions equipment: carbon and stainless steel, low temperature and alloy steel, Monel, Hastelloy, Duplex etc. Petrochemical Solutions supplies valve actuators and companion flanges in many sizes, mating surfaces and materials.